Jun 01, 2023

Hotel Manager Explains Why Bulk Toiletries In Your Room Aren't Safe

by Gary Leff on August 2, 2023

Many hotel chains have moved from single use plastic toiletries to bulk wall-mounted toiletries. They say it’s for the environment, but it isn’t. If they just cared about reducing plastic, they’d move to single use biodegradable packaging. Instead these refillable bottles are cheaper.

There are (3) basic problems with this for the guest.

One hotel manager explains why the bulk toiletries in your room aren’t safe to use. Some hotels lock them down in tamper-proof housing. Many do not. And even where the housings exist, they aren’t always even locked.

The manager warns that you should always call down to the desk and ask for a fresh set of bottles, or individual mini-bottles if they have them.